Financial Benefits

CT Solar power is financially rewarding because there are Federal and State financial incentives,

  • Investment Tax Credit 30% for commercial properties off total installed system cost
  • Federal tax credit of 30%  for residential homewoners of the total installed system cost
  • State Incentives
    • Connecticut Solar Power:  : Pays a Performance Based Incentive so that homeowners have less out of pocket expenses
    • New Jersey Solar Power:  Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s) are traded for cash. You start to earn REC’s from the first month your system is operational.  Every REC is earned for each Megawatt or 1,000 KW your solar produces for 15 years.  Power companies are mandated to purchase REC’s for the power you produce as part of New Jersey portfolio standard.
  • Commercial Solar systems have a 4 year average return on investment.
  • Residential Solar systems have a 6-7  year average return on investment. Then they earn you revenue for the life of the system. JD Solar Solutions will show you how the numbers work specifically for your property.
  • Reduce or eliminate electric bill!
  • Hedge against certain electric rate increases!

Let JD Solar Solutions prove to you why there has never been a better time for solar! We will show you how this investment works for your family or business. We will give you the numbers in a simple format so you can see how quickly your solar system will pay for itself and then start to earn you money. The return-on-investment from solar makes it an easy decision.