About JD Solar

We have sales representatives and offices in Bolton CT, Glastonbury Ct, Hoboken NJ and Fair Haven NJ in order to provide efficient service to both states.

JD Solar Solutions is a full service solar sales and installation company.  We partner with the sun to help business and home owners reduce or eliminate electric bills for decades.  We believe in high quality products and workmanship.    We have sales offices across Connecticut and New Jersey and are licensed and eager to install across both states.  We handle every step of the way to go solar and provide free on site estimates and explain the many benefits of going solar today.

Why JD Solar?

We live and breathe solar and here are three reasons to consider us as your installation partner.

  1. Our experienced system designers, engineers and installers ensure the highest product quality and installation services.
  2. We take great pride in our jobs and this is reflected in our workmanship.
  3. We will exceed your expectations from our courteous service, craftsmanship and all we deliver.

Team with the Experts
Whether you need to power a multi-story office building, a large complex, or are looking for open-space ground mounts, JD Solar will build a solution to meet your needs. When you hire us, you hire professionals who have decades of quality craftsmanship experience combined with construction management. We navigate the landscape, Utility Regulations, Government Programs and Tax Laws. We provide current analysis and viewpoints to help you realize measurable business value.

Time is Money
Your time is money, and so is ours. We know the importance of completing your project on time — our team of professionals is the only way to make that happen. Unexpected delays, resulting from poor planning and unskilled workers are the most common causes for cost overruns. That is not acceptable. We are master planners, schedule coordinators and solar experts. You can depend on reliable work without excuses. This is the way we do business.

Free Site Survey and Evaluation Information
If you are ready to become part of the solution, contact us for a free consultation and a JD Solar Solutions Design Engineer will call you to answer all your questions.